Church Video & Sound System

Experienced Church AV Installers in Jackson, MS

At Sound and Communications, we offer church video equipment and complete church sound equipment for your sanctuary, fellowship hall, and other gathering spaces. When you need turnkey design solutions that won't disrupt the integrity of your building architecture, our highly experienced technicians can provide the right solutions for your worship services. From acoustical treatment in the sanctuary to the installation of a new console for your church sound system, we can handle everything from a complete overhaul of your AV system to an upgrade on your current equipment.

Here are some of the local houses of worship that showcase our recent work:

Christ United Methodist Church - Jackson, MS
First Baptist Church - Florence, MS
First Baptist Church - Jackson, MS
New Hope Baptist Church - Jackson, MS
Pear Orchard Presbyterian Church - Ridgeland, MS
St. Andrew's Cathedral - Jackson, MS
St. Francis of Assisi - Madison, MS
St. Matthews United Methodist Church - Madison, MS
And many more since 1955!

Find out more about our company’s long history and certifications to help you feel confident in your decision to partner with us as your church AV installers.

The Importance of Quality in Your Church Sound System

Do you agree that your church’s sound system should perform consistently and sound great to listeners? We agree wholeheartedly and deliver sound systems that rock the house when the choir is singing and pick up every change of pitch when your pastor delivers the day’s message. Whether your praise team uses guitars, keyboards, and drums, or a traditional organ, we can customize your church sound system to ensure that crisp audio reaches the ears of everyone in your church space.

Regardless of the type of service and events that you host, every House of worship requires high-quality church sound equipment such as:

  • Loudspeaker Systems
  • Recording Equipment
  • Speaker Integration
  • Mixing Consoles
  • Stage Monitoring
  • Distributed Audio
  • Wireless Microphone Systems

Let us help you procure and install a church sound system that works optimally for your congregation.

Enjoy the Best Church Video System

Sound is important, but modern houses of worship require church video systems that deliver exceptional visual presentations for videos or live events. Our church AV installers integrate new systems with your existing setup for superior sound and video performance.

Some of the elements critical to a church video system include the following:

  • Video Projection
  • Switching and Routing
  • System Calibration
  • Multi-screen Video Coordination

We work with your church leaders and facility manager to design a church AV system that facilitates an immersive worship service. We also provide training for your AV team. From acoustics to room shape, our technicians provide one-stop shopping solutions for your church sound system. Stewardship is always on the mind of responsible church leaders, and we do everything we can to assist you in adhering to your budget and preventing frequent repair and replacements of your audio-visual systems.

Selecting church AV installers in Jackson, MS, doesn't have to involve sifting through tons of proposals and technical questions that leave you dizzy. At Sound and Communications, we use plain language when communicating with area churches.

Contact us at 601-957-5830 for information on church sound systems and church video systems. Feel free to fill out our online form to get a free quote for church installers in Jackson, MS.