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Professional Lighting Equipment and Installation in Mississippi

At Sound and Communications, we offer lighting equipment for stage lighting, video production, and theatrical performances. Whether you need flash or strobe lighting for still photography or lighting effects for your live performance, we can help illuminate your space in Jackson, MS.

We sell and set up a variety of lighting solutions including:

  • Camera lighting equipment
  • Stage lighting equipment
  • Auditorium lighting
  • Church lighting

Camera Lighting Equipment

The right lighting can mean the difference between well-lit, professional productions, and amateur recordings that aren’t social media worthy. Contact our lighting technicians for a free evaluation of your space.

Once we understand the cameras and equipment you’re working with, we can help you purchase the right lighting for your needs. For traditional camera lighting equipment, we can recommend accessories such as umbrellas, softboxes, strip boxes, and snoots. We also offer consultant and installation services for stage lighting equipment and auditoriums.

Stage Lighting Equipment

The right stage lighting can set up your theatrical production, concert, or speaking events for success. Beautiful illumination increases the attention span of the audience and effectively highlights actors, performers, backdrops, and other elements.

Stage lighting equipment fulfills four functions:

  • Visibility: Effective lighting helps the audience understand where to direct their attention.
  • Motivation: Our lighting technicians install stage lighting equipment that creates natural highlights and illuminations rather than harsh spotlights that decrease visibility.
  • Composition: Whether you run a local theater or host speakers and performers at your venue, flexible lighting can help you redefine the composition as required.
  • Mood: Lighting in large or small spaces creates the mood. If you need a mellow or upbeat color scheme, we can incorporate that into your stage lighting equipment.

Live Production Services

If you need assistance with lighting and sound for live events, our lighting professionals can accommodate your needs. We have high tech equipment that includes a full RCF line array system. Our Meyer PA system ensures effective sound quality, and we also offer microphones and consoles run by our highly qualified engineers. Contact us with the details of your event to get started today.

Auditorium Lighting

When it comes to auditorium lighting for schools, colleges, and universities, Sound and Communications offers customized solutions. First, we determine the focal point, which is usually a stage, podium, or pulpit. Then we design and install track lighting and spotlights that allow your in-house technicians to easily control the lighting for a variety of events. From floodlights to ambient lighting for the audience, we can help you fill your auditorium with the right lights at the right time.

Our designers also carefully consider placement. We design lighting schemes that create focus in direction without making it difficult for actors and performers working under the lights.

Church Lighting

Church lighting schemes include fixtures and layered lighting that has to serve a multitude of purposes. Dimming controls adjust brightness levels. So, you can turn on bright lights for cleaning and meetings or apply softer settings for services.

We can customize the lighting around the pulpit, choir loft, and stage area for optimal digital recording conditions.

Contact Sound and Communications at 601-957-5830 or our affiliated company Stage Center Lighting at 601-957-5892 for more information on our stage lighting equipment and other lighting solutions. Fill out our online form to tell us about your auditorium or church lighting needs in Jackson, MS. We also offer audio and video system design and installation for organizations and companies of all sizes.