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Leading Events Production Company in Jackson, MS

Sound and Communications is also a premier events production company. Local companies, festival organizers, churches, and other organizations hire our sound engineers and equipment to pump up the volume at corporate meetings, music performances, and special occasions.

We handle your live production needs with top equipment such as:

  • Full RCF line array systems
  • Meyer PA systems
  • E-V PA systems
  • Audio consoles
  • Microphones

Our highly experienced engineers also do installations for schools, businesses, and organizations. Learn more about some of the corporations and houses of worship we have wired for sound.

RCF Line Array System

The RCF line array is a loudspeaker system made up of similar elements mounted together. This array is fed in phase and the short distance between drivers causes them to constructively interfere with one another. It sends sound waves throughout your event space and through the audience. The end result is evenly distributed, clear audio that has the audience up on its feet with every performance or hanging on every word of your guest speakers.

Meyers PA System

The Meyers PA system boosts vocals and is especially effective in reverberant spaces. Traditional PA speakers are often hard to understand, but Meyers has created PA systems that allow you to adjust and steer sound to avoid unpleasant reverb. Kick your event into high gear with music you can feel.

Combined with our event lighting services, you can fully outfit your next event with equipment and talent from Sound and Communications.


A mixing console allows you to combine different audio signals for optimal performance. Feed all your inputs into the console including:

  • Microphones for the singers
  • Signals from electronic instruments
  • Recorded music or multimedia presentations
  • Multiple speakers

Microphones for Live Events

We have wired and wireless mics, mic stands, and other gear to bring your performance to life. Let us know what you need, and we can recommend the best equipment available through our events production company.

Sound and Communications Engineers

Do you need someone to oversee the equipment and ensure that everyone is having a great time? Hire a certified sound engineer from Sound and Communications. We’ve been doing this since 1955. Let us amp up your next event.

Contact us at 601-957-5830 when you need an events production company in Jackson, MS. Fill out our online form with the details on your event so that we can provide an accurate quote.